Watch Raffles

Do you love watches?
Do you love Invictaholics swag?
Do you love to WIN?
Of course you do! We are teaming up with some of our favorite Facebook groups to bring you guys some really awesome deals. We are now offering FREE RAFFLE TICKETS* for the following groups...
Join these wonderful groups for a chance to win YOUR GRAIL! A huge number of watches (Invicta, Glycine, Technomarine, Aragon, and more!) are raffled off each month. Purchase tickets for the watch of your dreams, something your significant other will love, or maybe try your hand at a watch you've always wanted, but could never justify the price. Maybe throw in a ticket or two on something you've been interested in trying, but didn't want to waste your money in case you didn't like it. You can even raffle off pieces that you've had sitting in your closet, then use the profit to buy more tickets! It's a beautiful cycle. You never have to stare at a watch you don't want anymore again. All raffles are conducted by admins only. Admins handle all raffles to maintain trust and integrity within the group. The admins spin the wheel and are not permitted to participate in the raffles.
  • In order to receive your *FREE Invictaholics Golden Ticket ("IGT") a purchase of $100, before tax and shipping, must be made at $100 must be in a single order. Combining orders to make $100 will NOT qualify for an "IGT".
  • Participants will be given one "IGT" for every qualifying $100. Must all be in same order.
    • Each qualifying order will receive an email with their golden ticket and instructions on what to do next.
    • In order to redeem the "IGT", you must join the group in which you would like to use it. Click on the link above for the group you want, click join, answer the questions, wait for admin approval.
    • Once accepted into the group, read the about section and the Quick Reference Guide located under the 'Announcements' tab.
    • Rules on how to participate in the raffle are provided within the groups.